Abigail Trafford - Author, Journalist and Public Speaker


My Time

Making the Most of the
Bonus Decades After 50

Kids grown? Mortgage paid? Retirement looming? What next? My Time answers the questions more and more 50-somethings are asking themselves: What do I do with the rest of my life? Thanks to gains in health and longevity, today's 55- to 75-year-olds are biologically younger than their grandparents. They are the first generation to experience the personal renaissance of “My Time”—a whole new stage in the life cycle. Yet for many, My Time begins with confusion and upheaval. The obstacles are real: retirement, health problems, relationship issues and the prejudice of ageism. Also real are the unprecedented opportunities for new purpose and for a more meaningful life. My Time blends personal stories with expert opinions and the latest research on adult development. The stories offer men and women a better understanding of the challenges they face at this stage and the reassurance that they are not alone as they rewrite the script of aging in America.

Abigail Trafford - Author, Journalist and Public Speaker
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